Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to change windows password without knowing the original password

This tip comes handy when you forget the password of your primary account but still have access to another one. For this to work you must have access to another account or the same account(logging in through either face or finger print recognition) because we are using the command prompt and not a software.
It is as follows:
1.  Open the command prompt by typing ‘cmd’ in Run or by Start -> All Programs -> Accessories ->Command Prompt.

2. Type ‘net user’. This will show list of all accounts on the computer. This is done only to make sure that you know the exact username of the account of which the password has to be changed.

3. Type ‘net user (username) *’. It asks you to enter new password.(the password you enter wont be displayed)

4. Again it prompts for comfirming the password.Type the password again and click enter.

5. Done! Type ‘exit’ to close command prompt.
The password is changed without knowing the original password. Here on login to this account with the new password.


  1. Its quite useful article. Changing Admin password helps to protect our personal information to be accessed by unwelcome guests. However I must say that everybody should change their windows password on a regular basis.
    Thank for the post. Hope to hear from you back.

  2. Lol. Dats true... But if you change it too much and forget it? Best thing.. If you can get a BIOS password working...



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