Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki, Former Jerry Maguire Child Star: Freaking JACKED Now!

Jonathan Lipnicki, who played Renee Zellweger's cute, know-it-all son Ray in the 1996 Tom Cruise film Jerry Maguire, has come a long way in the last 15 years.
The actor, 21, stunned fans Thursday when pictures of his incredibly chiseled, buff body surfaced online. Lipnicki began beefing up for his role in For the Love of Money, and although his shirtless scene was cut, "I kind of became a gym rat."
Apparently. Check it out:
Jonathan Lipnicki RIPPEDJonathan Lipnicki Shirtless
"The more results I saw, the more dedicated I became," Lipnicki tells Us Weekly.
"It is such a great feeling to see all your hard work pay off. I mean, if I'm gonna skip the In N Out burgers, there better be light at the end of the tunnel!"
No doubt. Stuart Little? More like Stuart ... not so little. Or some better joke.
Amber Watson better think before she tries to annihilate Jonathan again.

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