Monday, 26 September 2011

6 Important Things to Must Know About Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 Phone is getting all the features to be included which we always dreamed about. And Windows 8 Operating system for PC is ready to hit the market. This Windows 8 phone will be very different from other mobiles. As android made a massive change of 44% of mobile users now, Its now time to think about the competition which android is giving to legendary companies like Nokia and Samsung. Recently we got a news that Microsoft is going to release their new model Windows 8 phone after two years, which is having their modern OS Windows 8. These all are the few important features which differs Windows 8 phone from other kind of phones.
windows 8 phone

Windows 8 Phone Features :

Web browser:

Internet explorer created in Windows 8 phone which helps user to browse websites or blogs more easily and more secure than other browsers.  We can usually found various malware or virus in some Websites.  But in case of Windows 8 phone Internet explores will have the certificates it helps the user to protect from these kinds of websites.

Office Suite:

Windows 8 phone organizes all of our office documents like Microsoft word, Excel files, PowerPoint and One Note.  These documents will be saved in different colors that mean Word documents saved as Blue title, Excel documents will be as green title, PowerPoint files as red title and One Note documents as purple title.


Windows 8 phones will also support Multitasking like iPhone and Android phones. Multitasking helps to keep and running without utilize the RAM.  We can resume the applications very quickly.


By using Zune S/W we can save a copy of our contacts. Photos, language profiles, background image, videos and music files to computer.  We can use this Zune Software on our Windows 8 phone to purchase any movies and music files.  Microsoft may open the technology to 3rd party cloud services such as Drop box.


In Windows 8 phones all the contacts can be organized using the people hub.  It also supports importing contacts from Social Medias like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Windows live Contacts and LinkedIn.  We can organize groups, adding photos to your contacts, speed dial, multiphase numbers etc.


Windows 8 phones support messaging through threads.  It helps you to engage with face book, GTalk, windows live messenger chat contacts as well as traditional text message contacts.

Windows 8 phones overall look:

When you turn on Windows 8 phones you will be greeted with the Start Screen.  In that Lock screen, pictured to the right, date and time, calendar event and how many emails you have unread.  These all are the features available in the start screen.
There are some Information meters also available. There are battery info, date, time and more are accessible once you launch user controls with a swipe from the right.It will list of running applications and bring those to the forefront every time swipe. Even though windows 8 phones are doing multiple applications at a time it won’t occupy the entire screen.

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