Tuesday, 27 September 2011

FIFA 12: Which New Features Make FIFA 12 a Must-Own Video Game?

FIFA 12, the latest installment of Electronic Arts' popular football video game, will be released across the world over the next three days. Here are the new features that have been included in this year's version of the game that make it an upgrade over its predecessors.

Impact Engine
For years, one of the biggest gripes about the FIFA series has been how all the tackles acted the same and were easily repeatable. That will end this year with the introduction of the impact engine, which promises to add variety to challenges.
So if you're a defender running at an attacking player at full speed and run into him, you shouldn't just bounce off like in past versions. The engine takes momentum into account, which should greatly add to the realism of the game.
It also causes players to suffer injuries based on the severity of a tackle. So a slide tackle from behind has a better chance of causing a long-term injury than a fair, safe challenge. The biggest thing gamers also preach is making the game as realistic as possible and the impact engine is a big step in the right direction.

 Pro Player Intelligence
Tired of playing against the AI and knowing what plays it will make it makes them? The improved pro player intelligence feature aims to fix that problem. If an AI midfielder is running down the sideline, he'll use several factors to make the best pass instead of always opting for the easy one.
It's all based on the AI players using teammates' best attributes as frequently as possible. If a player has great speed, they will try to feed him the ball in space. If a player is terrific in the air, they will attempt crosses to utilize that advantage.
This will make building a complete team more important. In past versions, you could load up on super quick players and run past opposing defenses. If those players don't have good finishing skills though, the AI will try to force them into mistakes instead of just standing there like construction cone
Online Head-to-Head Seasons
For all the diehard FIFA gamers, this feature will change everything you're used to when playing online. Instead of just playing single games over and over, you can participate in leagues. Starting at the bottom of a 10-league ladder, you play seasons with the strongest players moving up to the next level.
Players will be promoted, relegated or left at their current level based on performance during the 10-game season. If it is half as fun as it sounds, it has the potential to make FIFA set new series records for games sold and pave the way for similar additions to other EA Sports games.
There are other new or improved features such as precision dribbling, tactical defending, worldwide leader boards and career mode improvements. Add it all up and FIFA 12 is a game you must add to your video game collection.

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