Monday, 26 September 2011

Make Windows Genuine Again with Windows Genuine Activator by Daz

Do you have that Message at the Right bottom of your screen that your copy of window is not genuine?

Here is what to do, download this file first

Windows Loader 2.06 by Daz

Copy the downloaded file to desktop for fast access
1. Right click on the Windows Loader.exe file, then Run as administrator, click yes when prompts.
2. When the small window opens, just click Uninstall and wait for it to work.. after working for say 10 seconds, it will ask you what you want to do, just click restart. System will restart
3. When system is done restarting, wait for ur computer to bootup properly back to ur desktop again. It will still show that message on the bottom right. Not to worry!
4. Now run the Windows Loader.exe file again as administrator.
5. This time, click Install then wait for it to work again! say 10 - 15 seconds depending on how fast ur computer processes... When done, you will get a prompt saying succesfully done! It will ask yet again, what you want to do, click restart again.

When system restarts, if you get a not genuine message before windows starts up proper, just click 'CANCEL'. Windows is already activated! Now go to My computer, right click and then click properties.
Scroll down a little, wait for say 5 seconds. VIOLA! Windows is Activated!!!

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