Monday, 26 September 2011

Keep Your Window Healthy


  • Keep at least 10 GB of free space in your C: drive.
  • Clear junk files on a regular basis.
  • Keep your anti-virus up to date.
  • Use some window tweak software.
  • Use registry cleaner to keep your registry clean.
  • Use some good software listed below.
Software list
  • Firefox:- firefox is one of the best web browser which protect your security always. You can use some good add-on to optimise it hear is the list of them

Download Statusbar
Download Statusbar

Monitor downloads from within your browser
This handy browser extension lets you control and keep track of your downloads right from the Firefox browser. Rather than opening a separate download window, a small bar at the bottom of your browser displays data about your ongoing downloads, including speed and time until completion. Right-clicking brings up a menu that lets you pause or cancel a download, or launch an installer before deleting it from your system. Free. Download It Now

Fire Tune

Speed up Firefox
FireTune speeds up Firefox by helping you quickly and easily tweak the browser's Registry, so it's optimized for your system, whether you run a smoking Core i7 rig with a blistering-fast broadband connection or a decade-old notebook that connects via dialup. Click to create a backup of your configuration, choose your combination of fast or slow computer and fast or slow connection, and click the "Tune it!" button. Relaunch Firefox and your browser will be optimized for maximum performance on your system. Free. Download It Now


Get your bookmarks anywhere
This free browser extension backs up your Firefox link list on the Web and syncs it automatically with any Firefox browser you use that has the extension installed. Pointing your cell phone browser to gets you easy access to all your essential links. You could use a flash drive and carry Portable Firefox with you, but if all you need is access to your links on another PC or your phone, Foxmarks is a simpler solution. Free. Download It Now

Read It Later
Read It Later

Save Web pages to check out later
Read It Later lets you easily mark Web pages for later perusal. It adds a book icon to the upper-right corner of your browser, where your reading list is located. To add a page you want to check out later, just click the check icon next to the bookmark star on the right side of the page’s URL field. (You can also save the pages for off-line viewing.) It’s a good way to make sure you don't miss something important, without cluttering up your bookmarks folder with items you’ll look at only once. Pair it with Foxmarks and access your reading list on your phone, so you'll always have something constructive or enjoyable to do during downtime or on your commute. Free. Download It Now

Tab Scope
Tab Scope

Don’t get lost in the tab jungle
If you multi-task like mad, it's common to wind up with at least a dozen open pages, making finding your way back to a specific tab difficult. Of course, you could click through each tab until you stumble on the right one, or you could add the Tab Scope Firefox extension. It displays an image of a given tab whenever you mouse over it in the tool-bar. You can even adjust the size of the image and reload a page without even clicking back into the page. Free. Download It Now

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